Loblolly Pine

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plant height
At Maturity 60-90'
plant ships
November Through March
plant exposure
Partial - Full Sun
plant zone
6, 7, 8, 9
plant color
plant category
Trees, Evergreen


Loblolly Pine - Pinus taeda

The Majestic Beauty Of The Loblolly Pine Tree
Among the array of flora that can add to a well-landscaped property or yard, the loblolly pine is worth considering for its stately and majestic presence. Scientifically named Pinus taeda, this tree is a tall evergreen with a large trunk that grows to heights of 60 to 90 feet, and it possesses an expansive spread ranging from 25 to 35 feet when fully developed. Its leaf is a pale, green colored needle, and the bark consists of large plates and a reddish-brown hue.

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There are some additional vital characteristics of the loblolly pine that make it ideal for use in landscaping. Consider some of these attractive features:
Hardy growing zone: It has a vast natural growth range stretching along the east coast from Southern New England down into the deep Southeast, and across into Texas. It has been successfully introduced and grown across the United Staes into California and the Pacific Northwest.
Fast rate of growth: It has an average height increase of over two feet per year, making it ideal for both quick screening and shade.

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Adaptability: It is known to be easily transplanted, and it grows well in a diversity of moisture conditions, ranging from natural moisture to moderate drought or significant rainfall. Natural soil conditions conducive to growth are acidic loam soil, sand, and clay.

Historically, the popularity of this tree species dates back to early America as an indispensable source of lumber for pioneer settlers. More recently, many are discovering that its presence can genuinely enhance the beauty of any lot on which it grows.

Pinus taeda, better known as the Loblolly Pine, is an evergreen native to the southeastern United States.

This tree can be found from Texas all the way to the eastern coast. The Loblolly can reach up to 110 feet tall with a diameter of up to 5 feet. The needles usually stay on this plant for two years, falling off in the Fall or Winter of the second year. The tallest known tree of this species is 169 feet tall. This tree grows best in sandy, acidic soil and is a fast growing evergreen. This tree grows best in full to partial shade.

The Loblolly Pine tree is shipped bare root during dormancy.

loblolly pine tree


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