Murray Cypress

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Ships Fall 2022

plant height
At Maturity 30-40'
plant ships
October through April
plant exposure
Partial - Full Sun
plant zone
6, 7, 8, 9
plant color
plant category
Trees, Evergreen


Murray Cypress 

 The Murray Cypress tree, X Cupressocyparis leylandii, was formerly known as the Murray-X. It is an alternative to the Leyland Cypress. However, unlike the Leyland Cypress, the Murray Cyprus matures faster, and it reaches a height of about 30 to 40 feet. The required spacing is 5 to 10 feet from one another. The tree's growth rate is 3 feet per year, which makes it considered one of the fastest-growing tree species. 

  How to plant the Murray Cypress

 The first step is digging a hole, which is about 2 inches in terms of width and depth than the root ball of your tree. You then place the plant in the hole, and you ensure that it is filled with soil. However, if you are using the clay soil, you will need potting soil or fine mulch to be mixed in it. The next step is to sprinkle one tablespoon of line on the area surrounding the tree's drip line. Watering the plant until the soil is saturated, after which you apply pressure in a gentle manner around the tree to enable the mud' squish' around the plant. Then you apply fertilizer carefully while following the instructions given. 

 Importance of buying the Murray Cypress Tree

 Do you have some petty neighbors who tend to focus on your business so much? Or are you living in an open place and need some privacy? The Murray Cypress tree is very suitable for creating privacy on your property. The tree's height is much greater than the traditional fences, and through purchasing the tree from us, you do not have to worry about any of these factors anymore.  During the Christmas Festive Season, you or your family may need a Christmas tree to light up. The Cypress Murray Tree is the way to go. The tree is notably wonderful and can blend in correctly with your other decorations. Also, the tree is mighty, and you can be sure of it not falling off due to the weight of the snow. 

 The Murray Cypress tree can resist diseases such as fungus.

Though the Standard Leyland also resists diseases, the Murray Cypress Tree can resist better. Hence if you purchase the tree, you do not have to worry about fungus, which can be quite frustrating.  If you are a landscaper, you will note that the tree is gaining momentum as a landscaping giant. It serves various purposes from privacy or any holiday-related purposes. The evergreen serves both purposes well. If you are an interested buyer and want to enjoy these benefits, you can visit us, and we will deliver.

The recommended Murray Cypress Fertilizer

 Many questions may start to run through your mind when making a selection on the most appropriate fertilizer to be used. The Murray Cypress Fertilizer needs to be a slow-release fertilizer or popularly known as the controlled release type of fertilizer. The fertilizer formula should be composed of a high Nitrogen followed by Phosphorous, and then Potassium should be the least. An example that is found in many stores is the 12-6-8 and 14-7-7.

  Ensuring that you follow the instructions on the fertilizer you bought will prevent any problems from arising on the plant. This is because all fertilizers work differently. Some of the few guidelines you can follow are that Fertilizing your plants only three times in a year, you can fertilize on monthly intervals and the best-recommended dates are March 31, June 30 and September 30 and Sprinkling the fertilizer around the drip line of the trees you should not mix it in the soil. 

Murray Cypress ship bare root only.

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