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Pink dogwoods bloom in the spring, producing showy pink or white flowers that attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

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Pink Dogwood

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  • plant color
    Pink, Green
  • plant season
    Spring, Summer, Fall
  • plant height
    12-18 inches
  • plant zone
  • plant ships
    Bare Root
  • plant exposure
    Partial Shade
  • plant category
    Flowering Trees



Pink Dogwood 12-18"

Pink dogwoods (Cornus florida) are native to eastern North America, ranging from southern Maine to northern Florida and westward to eastern Texas. They are typically found in wooded areas and along forest edges, growing in well-drained soils rich in organic matter.

In their native environment, pink dogwoods typically grow as understory trees, meaning they are shaded by taller trees and grow in the lower levels of the forest. The Pink dogwood can reach heights of up to 30 feet (9 meters) but is commonly found between 15 and 25 feet (4.5 to 7.5 meters) tall.

Pink dogwoods bloom in the spring, producing showy pink or white flowers that attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. After the flowers fade, the trees have red fruit attractive to birds.

Pink dogwoods are a famous ornamental tree, and widely cultivated varieties have been developed with different flower colors and forms. However, it is essential to note that planting non-native species can negatively impact local ecosystems, and it is best to choose native plants whenever possible.

How to plant a Pink Dogwood Tree?

  1. Choose a location: Pick a spot that has well-drained soil and receives partial shade. Dogwoods prefer moist, slightly acidic soil and don't do well in areas with standing water or direct sunlight.
  2. Prepare the soil: Loosen the dirt to a depth of at least 18 inches (45 cm), removing any rocks, roots, or other debris. Mix organic matter to improve soil fertility and drainage.
  3. Dig the hole: Dig a hole slightly larger than the tree's root ball. Make sure the hole is deep enough so that the top of the root sits about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above the surrounding soil.
  4. Plant the tree: Gently place it in the hole, ensuring it is straight and upright. Fill the gap with soil, gently packing it to remove air pockets. Water the tree thoroughly to settle the soil.
  5. Mulch: Apply a layer around the tree's base, taking care not to cover the trunk. Mulch helps retain moisture and suppresses weeds.
  6. Water: Water the tree regularly, especially during dry spells, until it becomes established. After that, it should only need watering during prolonged droughts.
  7. Prune: Once the tree is established, you may need to prune it periodically to maintain its shape and remove damaged or diseased branches.

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Remember to follow any specific planting instructions with your particular variety of pink dogwood. If you need clarification, ask a gardening expert for advice.

Pink Dogwood tree ships bare root.


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