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Southern Magnolia

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Southern Magnolia

Southern magnolia, one gallon, also called magnolia grandiflora, belongs to the family Magnoliaceae. It is native in the southeastern United States, and the tree could thrive both in the South and in the Pacific Northwest. The tree could grow to 40 - 100 ft. in height and 30 to 50 ft. in width, with large green leaves up to 7 3⁄4 in. long and 4 3⁄4 in. wide, and with large white flowers up to 12 in. in diameter.

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Southern magnolia is a magnificent tree that people love to grow for its lovely white fragrant blossoms as well as its glossy dark green leaves.The blossoms are so exceptional. Its petals grow amazingly in white or ivory while its cup-shaped blooms could grow to more than a foot across giving off the sweet delightful fragrance.

Although many of the gardeners love the tree’s white fragrant blossoms, its glossy dark green leaves are also gorgeous and beautiful enough to start growing the tree. These leaves are long as well as leathery; the southern magnolia tree is evergreen, and you could see these dark green leathery leaves on the canopy through the whole winter. It is remarkably flexible for incredibly outstanding ornamental.

Now that Southern magnolia matures to such great height and width, they make great specimen trees to provide a focal point to your landscape, given the appropriate placement. As long as your overall landscape dimensions could support such a big tree at maturity, Southern magnolia is a wonderful design choice.

The Facts of Southern Magnolia
Southern Magnolia is named after Pierre Magnol, a French botanist. Pierre Magnol spotted the tree, and he loved it very much that he brought it to Europe three hundred years ago.

  • Southern Magnolia grows very fast, and it could usually shoot up about 12 to 24 inches per year

The tree care of southern magnolia is the easiest if you pick up a correct site for the ornamental.

 Before you begin growing a southern magnolia tree, you should read up on the growing requirements of the tree. Although these trees are termed as “southern”, southern magnolia trees are surprisingly hardy, and they could thrive in zones 6 through 10 according to the plant hardiness from the United States Department of Agriculture, which means that the gardeners in half of the country could cultivate the Southern Magnolia trees.

If you want to grow a healthy tree that will have the maximum number of flowers in spring, you should plant the magnolia tree in the full sun. However, the tree will grow in the partial shade, and it is good as long as the tree could get at least four hours of direct and unfiltered sunlight a day. If you live in the northern part of the country, you should provide the tree with protection in winter.
Also, the roots of the southern magnolia are shallow as well as wide-spreading, you should provide adequate irrigation while not leaving the soil wet.


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