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Virginia Pine

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Virginia Pine - Pinus virginiana

Possessing rugged character, and native to America, the Virginia pine (Pinus virginiana) is the perfect tree for naturalizing landscapes or adding habitat for wildlife. It is also an excellent backdrop plant for the garden or for filling in bare spaces. This classic evergreen conifer reaches heights of up to 60 feet with a typical spread of 25-35 feet and develops a broad, rounded crown. This pine has smooth, reddish-brown bark that becomes scaly as the tree matures. Younger trees are sometimes used as Christmas trees, as they have the pyramid-shaped structure that can easily be trained and restructured into a classic Christmas tree shape. It has a pleasant pine fragrance, and its branches are perfect for hanging Christmas ornaments or lights. The Virginia pine has cones which are dark brown when mature. Its short needles (usually around two inches in length) range from dark green to yellow-green and training its limbs into various bonsai shapes for the garden landscape give it a pleasing appearance since its shorter needles add to the "dwarf" look. Its twisted, short needles make it easily identifiable among other pines. Hardy in Zones 4-8, it prefers full sun. This evergreen is fast-growing and has the advantage of taking root where other plants cannot. It is known to thrive on neglect and drought conditions. It requires well-drained soils with acidic or neutral pH and will grow in sandy loams or heavy clay. It can be used in windbreaks or to add greenery to bare areas and is the perfect choice for a low-maintenance tree.

Virginia Pine Trees For Sale Online

The Virginia Pine, or Pinus virginiana, is an evergreen that gets about 30 feet tall with a 25 feet spread. This tree prefers slightly acidic soil but can grow in almost any soil. Full sunlight is the best light for the Virginia Pine. This tree is usually used for privacy fences but makes great for a "live" Christmas tree. Zone 6 to 9

The Virginia Pine is shipped bare root during dormancy.



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Shipping issues

Hi. The Virginia pines look great but the shipping was not smooth - the trees arrived 2 weeks later than scheduled. I understand that the shipping problem was caused by USPS but perhaps a different carrier should be considered or at least offered as an option to the customer. Thank you for considering my feedback.
Posted by Jonathan Frase on 28th Jan 2021


Nice trees when arrived
Posted by Mark on 13th Jan 2021

Virginia Pine Tree

These will be great for Christmas once they mature.
Posted by Customer on 8th Feb 2020