White Oak

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Ships Late November 2022

plant height
At Maturity 50-80'
plant ships
Late November -Late March
plant exposure
Full Sun
plant zone
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
plant color
Green, Fall Foliage - Orange or Red
plant category


White Oak - Quercus alba

If you want a tree that will last your family for centuries to come, the White Oak Tree, or Quercus alba, might be just the right tree for you. These majestic trees are naturally found in the eastern and central sections of North America and do best planted in similar locations. They are known for their oval shape, bright colored fall leaves, plentiful brown acorns, and broad, sturdy branches. The bark is a beautiful light gray color and feels scaled to the touch. The hardwood is routinely used for wine barrels in the United States due to its strength and durability.

When choosing this deciduous hardwood species, bear in mind the position of the sun and shade around where you decide to plant it. Full sun is preferable, with a minimum of four hours of sunlight needed per day. They do well in deep, moist soil but can handle the occasional drought.

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Size is also something to bear in mind, as they are capable of growing 50-80’ both in height and in spread by full maturity, which means plenty of shade where you choose to plant it. While it may become to be large, it will take it a while to get there. This species has a growth rate of 12-24” per year which qualifies it as more of a slow-growing type.

Quercus alba, better known as the Eastern White Oak, is one of the more massive fast-growing trees. This tree can grow up to 100 feet tall with a trunk diameter of up to 8 feet. The leaves are dark green through the summer and stay through winter. The leaves will turn dark red or purple in the fall. This tree has a unique flaky bark. The White Oak thrives best in well-drained soil with full to partial sunlight. This tree produces sweet edible acorns, making it a wildlife favorite.

The White Oak tree is shipped bare root during dormancy without any foliage.


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