• ​Benefits of Growing Native Plants
    26th Jan 2022

    ​Benefits of Growing Native Plants

    Native plants refer to plants that occur naturally in a particular ecosystem without being introduced by humans. The plants provide habitat for wildlife as they are closely related to past years. For ...
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  • Live Christmas Trees
    17th Nov 2021

    Live Christmas Trees

    Live Pines, Cypress, and Arborvitaes Trees Add Natural Beauty Indoors Live evergreen trees make great additions to your Christmas or winter décor. Bringing greenery inside during the dreary ...
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  • Gardening with Native Plants
    2nd Jul 2020

    Gardening with Native Plants

    Native plants are surging in popularity for landscape and garden design, and there is a good reason the trend is continuing. Homeowners that opt to use native species of flowers, shrubs and trees for ...
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  • Indoor Gardening Tips from the Experts
    8th May 2020

    Indoor Gardening Tips from the Experts

    CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE6 Expert Tips to Create a DIY Indoor GardenEver dreamed of creating the most successful indoor garden? Check out this article from the experts. After searching high and low ...
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  • White Violets add a unique touch
    24th Feb 2020

    White Violets add a unique touch

    White Violets are a variety of violet that belongs to the family Violaceae. It is an entire genus of plants that will flower during the spring months of the year. In this genus alone, there are anywhe ...
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  • Beautiful flowers
    20th Feb 2020

    Beautiful flowers

    Having a garden or another area that will supply beautiful flowers is a dream that all homeowners have. It is one dream that can come true as long as the plants will do great in the soil conditio ...
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  • Gardening with Perennials
    18th Feb 2020

    Gardening with Perennials

    Creating a beautiful garden full of perennial flowers can make a masterpiece to one's lawn. Preparing for a perennial garden will be a rather simple project and could be completed in a weekend or a co ...
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  • How can water plants help you?
    14th Feb 2020

    How can water plants help you?

    Perennial Co has several plants available that will work well when planted around a water garden or a lovely fountain. Wetland plants are splendid and will be beautiful when they are all in ...
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