Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees 

 Have you ever thought more on the beauty of flowering trees, especially when it comes to adding them to the lovely scenery of your home's exterior, or even any landscape project you own or are working on? Flowering trees are nature's real beauty, one of the best God-given forms of green life you can even put in any outdoor scenery, respectively. These trees can grow to be quite significant and beautiful, giving off any nice-looking array of flowers, especially when the season comes for them to bloom off. They look gorgeous in the sunlight and come alive like never before in the summer and spring months alike. In some more rare cases, these unique trees will even give off their flowers during the colder months of the autumn, like Fall and November, changing colors on both flower and tree itself. It is genuinely a majesty of a sight to behold, to say the very least. 

 And these fast growing trees, believe it or not, are not as hard to harvest and maintain as some people would think; trees can be hard work, but for the most part, these trees are deficient maintenance and low key, and they are easy to clean up after when the leaves drop. Online nursery sellers like ours sell the bare root liners of these trees at a very doable price, and you can even decide, then and there, which type of Flowering Tree might be best for the back yard or landscape you own or manage, all in all. Even the team of experts here can point you to the best fit, in most cases.


Flowering Trees - Red Crepe Myrtle and Southern Magnolia


 The Flowering Trees that we sell are the Red Crepe Myrtle and Southern Magnolia. Let us tell you just a bit about each. That way, your decision to choose one can be more informed.

 First of all, the red crepe myrtle comes in just about any kind of size that you want, and some can even be trained to stop growing after a certain period or size, whereas others can continue for a lifetime. It all depends on how big of a red crepe myrtle you would like to have, after all, has been said and done. What is also interesting to give ear to, and I found this no less than fascinating when I first found out of it, is that this flowering tree comes from South East Asia. I always thought it was an American one. 

Flowering trees increase your homes value.

  And it comes in all sorts of lovely, yet different colors. I thought it was one - colored as well. Since I live in North Carolina, and I only see these in bright magnolia, I had initially thought that was the only option for its color.

 Speaking of which, as for the southern magnolia, you will be most interested in finding that this one is, in fact, a southeastern U.S. flowering tree. The white flower itself could not be more American, respectively. It can grow anywhere down south, from as low as the heart of Florida, all the way to North Carolina.