Flowering Trees

  • The Pink Weigela is a cultivar of the Weigela florida species native to Japan, Korea, and China.

    Pink Weigelia

    Pink Weigelia 12-18" Pink Weigela (Weigela florida 'Pink') is a deciduous shrub known for its showy, pink funnel-shaped flowers blooming in the late spring or early summer. It is a popular landscaping plant grown for its ornamental value in gardens,...

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  • Purple Wisteria

    Purple Wisteria

    Purple Wisteria 2-3' Purple wisteria is a flowering plant with clusters of fragrant, lavender-purple flowers hanging in long, pendulous racemes. Its botanical name is Wisteria sinensis, and it is native to China. The plant is a deciduous woody vine that...

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  • The most notable feature of the white dogwood is its flowers, which bloom from late April to early May.

    White Dogwood

    White Dogwood Tree 2-3' The white dogwood, also known as Cornus florida f. alba, is a deciduous tree native to eastern North America. It is a famous ornamental tree in gardens and parks due to its beautiful white flowers that bloom in the spring. The...

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