•  Poinsettias prefer bright, indirect light.


    Live Poinsettia Live poinsettias are a popular choice for holiday decorations, adding vibrant color and festive flair to homes during the Christmas season. Here's how people incorporate live poinsettias into their holiday decor: Table Centerpieces:...

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  • This Fresh Mistletoe is a red bow sprig ready to hang!

    Live Mistletoe

    Live Mistletoe This Fresh Mistletoe is a red bow sprig ready to hang! Mistletoe is a plant that is often associated with holiday traditions, particularly during the Christmas season. It is typically used as a decoration, and it's a common tradition to...

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  • Sourwood honey is prized for its light amber to golden color, sometimes with hints of greenish or reddish hues.

    Sourwood Honey

    Sourwood Honey - 100% Pure Honey Sourwood honey is a premium type of honey known for its distinctive flavor, light color, and unique characteristics.  Source: Sourwood honey is produced by honeybees from the nectar of the sourwood tree (Oxydendrum...

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  • Dark wildflower honey for sale online.

    Wildflower Honey

    Dark Wildflower Honey - 16oz Jar   Dark Wildflower honey has many nutritional benefits and a robust flavor.   Color: Dark wildflower honey typically ranges from amber to dark brown in color. The exact shade can vary depending on...

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