White Perennials

White Perennial Flowers 

The Beauty Of Perennial Flowers And Why You Should Consider Adding One To Your Garden

 Everything in life is like a seed. You need to plant the seed to watch it grow. Some seeds are right for you, while others are bad. Today's topic concerns white perennial flowers. We will be discussing why you should consider adding some white perennials to your garden unless you already have.

The Four Benefits of White Perennials 

1) There is a visual appeal to consider. Nothing is better than a splash of white inside the color of green or other colors in your garden.

 Think about other colors you have in your garden(such as blue, red, and purple). Adding in some white perennials will break up the colors, adding more variety.

 Plus, white is the color of purity. There is a certain symbolic measure you take when you decide to add in some white flowers. You can try to create a landscape of large and small mixed in with one another. That will also add to the visual appeal.

 2) There is a lot of bad energy going on right now in our world. We need all the good vibes we can get. Studies have suggested(mainly done at Washington State University) that adding white into the mix can help enhance the overall mood in the garden and the home. 

 Many people have seen their moods changed when taking in the view(especially in urban neighborhoods. There is a psychology behind flowers. Individual flowers will either increase or decrease positive vibes. Plants do have an impact on human emotions(the same study from Washington State University).

 White perennials make you feel better about yourself(and the world), in general.

 3) There is an environmental aspect to look at(much like the impact that evergreen trees have). White perennials also help aid with the process of photosynthesis. The leaves will absorb the carbon dioxide emissions and discard them. Then, the leaves will release oxygen, which is what we need to survive. 

 There is a bonus of reducing soil erosion. Did you know that every plant or flower you grow helps to keep the soil intact? That reduces the chances of flooding the soil going bad.

 4) You also get some exercise in. Did you know that gardening helps to burn calories? Gardening helps to boost your metabolism and increase your flexibility. 

  You exercise a lot of muscles inside by planting seeds. You are constantly bending, stretching, and twisting your body. Every 15 minutes you spend planting a white perennial, you will burn between 70-135 calories. It also depends on how much you weight.

Planting white perennials is a great way to get some exercise and keep your garden and landscape fresh, clean, and homey. A few of the most uniuqe white perennial flowers are the Lily of the Valley, Foam flower and the Dutchman's Breeches.