Orange Perennials

Using Orange Perennial Flowers to make your Lawn look like a Painted Picture 

Lawns and gardens spring to life when an orange-colored perennial flowerbed is used to add color to your landscape or when your green leaf garden is outlined with a layered row of orange flowers. The orange flowers can make your garden, home, or business lawn resemble a lifelike view of a painted picture. 

 Turk's Cap Lily

 The Turk's Cap Lily is a fast and easy way to animate outdoor waterfalls, tables, fountains, patios, and balconies. Orange colored flowers placed against brick, white outdoor fences, or on grey or white outdoor tables will make your outdoor decor looked professionally landscaped by well-trained designers and landscapers. 

 Hanging the lilies in several complimenting colored baskets in a row across the top of the balcony will make your house look like an image in a magazine or on someone's website. Creating a flowerbed of lily plants planted very closely will make your home or business the most beautiful one on the block. Turk's Cap Lily plants placed against the outside of your house will make your outdoor scenery surrounding the space you live in make your lawn pop.

 Orange Daylily 

 Orange Daylilies are a two-toned colored combination of bright yellow and bright orange. The flowers look like sunlight is glowing through the flower's center. These flowers have a bright orange color with noticeable glowing bright yellow color coming through in the perennial's center. 

 The Bright Sunset Daily Lily is one of my favorite of the Daylillies mainly because of the visual contrast of the bright yellow and orange colors that makes up the flower. This is the flower in its class that stands out the most and attracts attention. Imagine walking out in your front yard in the morning and seeing a beautiful butterfly on the flower. Imagine several butterflies on several flowers in your flower bed. It is a gorgeous site that creates a real-life fantasy imagination of beauty in your front yard. 

 Orange Perennial Flowers bring beautiful color to Summer gardens.

 Having a florescent garden full of carefully arranged orange perennial flowers is one of the easiest ways to make your outdoor living area the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. You can create an orange flower garden that circles the outside of your house, your trees, or that makes a trail along with your home on each side of the walkway. 

Orange Perennials are best planted in Fall.

 Have an idea of how you want your flowers to make your house or property look when you are making your selection at the floral shop. This will allow the floral salespeople to make suggestions and give you ideas to help you create the vision of what you want your floral investment to do for you.