7 Ways To Be Led By The Nose

Posted by The Garden Design Book on 12th Feb 2016

Many of the finest floral fragrances emerge at dusk, to lure night-flying pollinators. Top prospects for moonlit gardens: datura, brugmansia, stocks, moonflower vine, cactus, magnolia, petunias, and n … read more

Healing Herbs and Other Perennial Uses

Posted by Tammy Sons on 16th Oct 2015

The Many Advantages of Black Cohosh HerbsThe now-common practice of using herbs for various diseases around the globe is not a fairly recent innovation. As you may have read, in ancient times in Chi … read more

Bees are your Friends and Hornets Hate Your Guts

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Oct 2015

Imagine a scenario in which you’re routinely tending to your garden, just like any other day. You’re in the middle of an epic battle with the foreign invaders known as “weeds” when your ears shiver … read more

​What Flowers are in Season for Fall

Posted by Tammy Sons on 16th Sep 2015

Spring and summer is not the only time of the year to have weddings or to have bright wedding flowers. Fall and winter flowers add a certain amount of pop to any wedding.Plus unlike spring and summe … read more