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Adam and eve orchids grow in woodland areas. Adam and eve orchid blooms.

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Adam & Eve Orchid

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Adam & Eve Orchid

The adam and eve orchid is an exotic plant with a long history. It is native to the forests of Vietnam and was first introduced to the European world in 1833. More recently, this particular plant has become popular as a houseplant because of its low maintenance requirements. In this article, we will discuss where this plant is native, how it grows best, where it can be purchased, and some benefits of owning it.

The adam and eve orchid is a beautiful plant that can reach heights of almost 2 feet. It has a rich purple coloring and very deep green leaves that are spade-shaped, similar to an oak tree in appearance. The flowers can be found in clusters at the top of the stems, blooming around April to May and October to November. They have a deep pink coloring with white tips hanging gracefully from the stem.

Where was Adam and eve orchid originated:

The adam and eve orchid originates from the forests of Vietnam. The range of where this plant originates has been lost due to rapid deforestation, but it is believed to be at the southern edge of the Thai peninsula in central Vietnam. This plant's natural habitat is subtropical or tropical wet lowland forests. This plant grows in areas with a lot of sunlight and requires soil that drains well.

How to grow Adam and Eve orchid?

In the wild, the adam and eve orchid is epiphytic. This means it attaches itself to trees to create its root system. In this way, it can receive water and nutrients from the tree. Because of this, this plant is not easily domesticated. If you wish to grow one of these plants as a houseplant, however, you should provide it with plenty of light (5-6 hours) per day and high humidity levels (near 80%). These conditions can be easily met indoors and result in a long lifespan of 30 years or more.

Compared to the paphiopedilum orchid, this species of orchid is quite easy to grow. It is, however, a very easy plant to propagate. If the root system grows into the ground, it can be lifted with the entire root system intact and replanted again. This way, you can easily collect excess plants from your garden and create a new batch every year.

Where you can purchase this plant:

You can purchase an adam and eve orchid from Nance Plants. You can  order it online if you like. You will be able to find the adam and eve orchids in different stages of growth and at different price points. You can also collect the seeds and start growing new plants in your own home.

Adam and Eve Orchid for sale online at Perennial Nursery.

Benefits of owning the Adam and Eve orchid:

The benefits of owning the adam and eve orchid can be seen when you look at its beauty. When they are in bloom, they are truly breathtaking. The flowers are a bright pink color with whitish tips on their stems. The flowers have a thick layer of petals that make them look like angel wings, and this plant looks amazing when it is in bloom. If you have a garden, you will find these plants to be beautiful additions.

Aside from being beautiful, these orchids are also easy to grow. If you have an actual garden, these plants will thrive in it. You can also take them indoors and grow them as houseplants. This way, you can handle over-watering or under-watering your plants if you live in a temperamental climate. This orchid is a perfect choice for anyone that wants a beautiful houseplant with very low maintenance requirements.


1. Is Adam & Eve Orchid deer resistant?

A. Adam & Eve Orchids are not commonly targeted by deer, as they often prefer to graze on more traditional garden plants. Nonetheless, if deer are particularly hungry or if other food sources are scarce, they may nibble on plants that are typically considered deer-resistant.

2.  How big do Adam & Eve Orchid get at maturity?

A. Adam & Eve Orchids typically reach a height of about 8 to 24 inches (20 to 60 cm). The size can vary based on environmental conditions, habitat, and the specific subspecies or variety of the orchid.




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Adam & Eve Orchid

My plants had great roots. They made gorgeous plants.
Posted by Adam & Eve Orchid on 13th Mar 2023
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