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Yellow, Green
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Year Round
plant season
Late Spring, Summer, Fall
plant zone
5, 6, 7, 8, 9
plant exposure
Partial - Full Shade
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Bellwort Plants

The Bellwort gets its name because of its bell-shaped flowers. Each bell-shaped flower hangs just like a bell. It is recognized as one of the most natural herbs to grow. It is not prone to insects or disease. Most would say that it is a disease free. It is tall and lanky as its growing but looks better when it starts growing in groups or clusters. The taller that they get, the more they begin to lean on each other which makes a lovely look against a fence or building Bellwort bears the scientific name Uvularia Grandiflora. It is a plant that thrives in areas that are mild and wet though not boggy. The Pacific Northwest provides an ideal habitat for Bellwort.

Bellwort Plants For Sale Online

Planting from seed can be difficult but this flowering plant is readily available from nurseries. To plant existing Bellwort simply dig up the plant in late winter or early spring and cut the plant into two sections. Replant the two sections and Bellwort will naturally multiply itself with sprouting stems that it sends out from it's base plant. If you are planting Bellwort for the first time the same process applies. Plant your Bellwort and be aware that it will multiply itself in the area that you have planted it..

It is seen growing primarily on slopes, banks, and hillsides. It can grow up to 24 inches. It prefers little to no sun but can tolerate it. It will show its bloom during spring through summer. Deer love this plant so wherever it may be planted, they will soon come. It has bright yellow flowers and a pleasant aroma. A mixture of sun and shade is best for this perennial.

Bellwort ships bare root


Climate Zone: 5 to 9


Mature Height: 1 to 2 ft.


Sunlight: Prefers Partial to Full Shade.


Blooming Season: April through June.


Soil Conditions: Prefers Well-Drained Soils.


Botanical Name: Uvularia Grandiflora