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​ Why Should Landscapers and Homeowners Buy Plants Wholesale?

​ Why Should Landscapers and Homeowners Buy Plants Wholesale?


Buying plants each season at the local garden shop can add up to big money, especially for gardening enthusiasts. If you plan to redo several gardens in your yard at once this spring, it will pay to buy ferns and perennials wholesale. Use the same ferns, perhaps Leatherwood FernNew York Fern, Lady Fern, or Christmas Fern, as your background greenery in front yard gardens, yard borders, and three circles. Please choose your favorite perennials and buy in bulk to spread them all around your property. Creeping phlox cover an area with color, as do Virginia bluebells or yellowwood poppy. You get a lot of plants at a lower rate and get more gardens for less.


Landscapers that start with the blank slate of a new or sparsely landscaped property need a lot of plants. Buying individual plants, a few at a time locally can add up to a lot of money. Even if a customer only wants a couple of new garden beds planted, buying wholesale will save the landscaper time and money. A professional can purchase wholesale by using the same ferns and perennials for several properties. Choose some hardy, native ferns and some popular perennials to use in family homes and commercial properties. We have trees and shrubs, too, from brilliant sourwood to bright forsythia that will add years of color to property or yard.

Spending less time finding and picking up plants means more time for planting and business management. Spending less money on the trees, shrubs, ferns, and flowers they need adds to higher profits for the business owner and higher wages for employees.

Start Your Nursery

Starting a small nursery of your own for an ambitious landscaper can be profitable. You save money and add income stream by buying in bulk, using what you need for your clients, and maintaining the rest for sale to the public. If you already have space you use to store plants and equipment, you can quickly sell fernsperennials, shrubs, and trees to other landscapers and the public, even if you only open your doors on the weekends.

Perennial Wholesale Nursery guarantees the lowest prices for trees, shrubs, ferns, and perennials online. You get huge discounts on bulk plant orders. Individual gardeners and professional landscapers can choose from our selection of quality, state-certified garden plants.

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