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Common sweetshrub blooms are stunning for your landscape. Fast growing sweet shrub is great for shade. Common sweeyshrub has beautiful fall foliage.

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Common Sweetshrub

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Common Sweetshrub


Common Sweetshrub, scientifically known as the Calycanthus Floridus, is a beautiful flower with an excellent sweet and spicy smelling flower. The Sweetshrub is commonly referred to as the Carolina Allspice flower, spicebush, or strawberry bush. A lot of expert gardeners love this dark, red-colored flower not only because of its rich color but because, unlike most other scented flowers, it smells a bit like a warm baking spice that you would find in your pantry while leaving behind a trace of strawberry or different fruity smell.
Not only does the flower on this plant bloom and smell beautiful, unlike most other flowers, even its dark leaves and shrubbery on the bottom have a strong but not overpowering odor to them. When the leaves and shrubbery are crushed up gently, they emit a scent that smells much like cloves or camphor making it the perfect flower to have in your home all year long, but especially during the cozy fall season.


The Common Sweetshrub is native to North Carolina, so many natives fondly refer to it as a Carolina Allspice flower.

It grows best in the 5-9 zones and can be found in densely populated areas in the southeast, such as the Appalachian Trail and the Smoky Mountains. It can grow in the west in places like California, Washington, Oregon, etc. though it will not be as dense-growing there.


For those who cannot get enough of the beautiful shrubbery and all of the amazing scents that it gives off, the good news is that it can be quickly grown in your front yard. It can grow in the garden with all of the other flowers or only in your yard to make it all the more beautiful. Sweetshrubs are happy to grow in partly shaded areas of the yard or even in full shade and will develop beautifully there; however, they are going to grow bigger and lusher than ever if they are planted in direct sunlight. If you leave them out in the full sunshine, but you live in a hot climate, it is essential to bring them in and put them under the shade when it reaches the hottest part of the day.


When it comes to what type of soil the shrubbery needs to bloom, it is, again, not a particular flower at all. It can easily grow in neutral or mildly acidic dirt. If the soil is too acidic, it will grow but will not get as large or bloom as fully. If you are not great at remembering to water or feed your plants daily or even weekly, then the Sweetshrub is the perfect plant to have in your garden. You do not have to water or fertilize this plant unless your climate is going through periods of drought, making it a perfect addition to any low-maintenance garden.

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Once the seasons start to change from winter and move to the warmer part of spring, it is time to go to the window and start looking for blooms on your shrub. The beautiful flowers will begin to open up and show their rich colors towards the end of spring and will continue to bloom off and on through the summer. The flowers are typically small in size, and though they all have a reddish heugh to them, they do range in color from deep burgundy to a more vibrant red or maroon or a red-tinged with brown. If you are lucky, you will have a shrub that blooms with orange and yellow flowers in the early spring and even bears fruits that bring beautiful birds to your garden. These are genuinely carefree shrub options perfect for beginners just starting their garden or seasoned gardeners looking for a plant that compliments everything else found in the yard.



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