Foam Flower

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plant color
White, Light Pink
plant ships
Year Round
plant season
plant zone
3, 4, 5, 6, 7
plant exposure
Partial Sun and Shade
plant category
Perennials, Natives


Foam Flower 

 Foam Flowers are beautiful when they are in bloom. These are great flowering plants and will look amazing when they are in bloom. This flower is a native flower of Nova Scotia and is also found growing a lot in the Eastern United States. This perennial is also a part of Saxifragaceae family. This flower will grow to be around 1 foot tall. It can become 24 inches wide when fully developed. It will thrive and do outstanding in climate zones three through 7. This flower will also do great in partially shaded areas and even in natural areas that have full shade. They love to be planted in various soils and can adapt well to different types of soils.

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 Foam Flowers will spread and can cover an area rather quickly and will increase to full growth within a year from being planted into gardens and the natural regions. These plants will have beautiful flowers at the end of their stalks and will have a very lightly colored pink blooms that will be beautiful in bloom. These plants will make a high plant use as a ground cover. It makes a great plant add to natural areas and flower gardens. They are easy to care for and will not take much care or maintenance to get them to thrive and become healthy flowering plants. Beautiful flowers will add lots of lightly colored blooms to the garden and will be stunning when these lovely flowers are in bloom, and these flowers are great because they are fast growers. The blooms on the Foam Flower can also last for around one month once these great flowers bloom and will also look amazing when brought inside and placed into a vase to make a stunning arrangement.

Foam Flower Ship as Bare Root


 Plant at time of shipment - Rhizome


Climate Zone 3-7


Mature Height: .75-1 ft.


Mature Width: 1-2 ft.


Growth/Year: .75-1ft.


Sunlight: Partial to Full Shade


Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils


Botanical Name: Tiarella Cordifolia

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