Goats Beard

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Goats Beard – Aruncus Dioicus


Climate Zone 3-7

Mature Height: 4-5 ft.

Mature Width: 6 ft.


Sunlight: Partial to Full Sun

Soil Conditions: Moist, well-drained soil

Botanical Name: Aruncus Dioicus


Goats Beard will make a lovely natural looking flowering plant add to a garden and also around a water garden. They also do well in natural areas. These plants can grow to be from four to 6 feet tall and can also spread to cover around six feet once established because these plants will produce seeds as they bloom. The Goats Beard does well in Climate Zones three to nine and will do great in full and partial shade. These plants will be great for flower gardens or natural areas that are located under a very large tree and will not receive sun on the gardens and other areas. This plant will thrive in soils that are moist and well drained. There are many ways that these great plants are used. They will also bring lots of colors to a garden or landscape.

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Goats Beard plants are great to use to create gardens and can also be used to produce many other areas. They are great to bring much needed border to areas such as pools, decks, porches and can also work well to create beautiful borders for sidewalks and driveways. Goats Beard is a wonderful perennial and will come back each year in gardens and natural areas. These wonderful plants are very easy to care for and maintain. They will grow as long as sunlight and soils are high and the soil has enough moisture for them to grow and thrive. Goats Beard will usually begin to bloom during the spring months and will continue on through the summer months of the year. They will die off during the winter but will appear again the following year. These plants look great when mixed with other flowering plants that will have different colors. Goats Beard will have beautiful white blooms on them when they mature.


1. How fast do Goat's Beard grow?

A: Goat's beard (Aruncus dioicus), a perennial flowering plant, typically grows at a moderate pace.

2. Do Goat's beard like sun or shade?

A: Goat's beard (Aruncus dioicus) generally prefers partial shade to full shade, especially in regions with warmer climates.

White, Green
Bare Root
Full Sun