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Indian Pink

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Indian Pink 

The Indian Pink, otherwise known as the Spigelia marilandica, is a plant found throughout the greater southeastern United States. It is a rare wildflower to find among the regions. It grows primarily in rich woodland and wooded stream banks. 

  The Indian Pink is a beautiful clumping plant. It is an herbaceous perennial, living greater than two years. This means that the plant will provide significant beauty for a home or company for a long time. The plant does grow to a height of twelve to eighteen inches in total. 

 The Indian Pink has beautiful features.

Its leaves are rich green, in a unique oval shape. There are no leaf stalks for a distraction from the beauty. The flower is a one-sided, upward-facing beauty. The flowers are red and tubular, becoming more confined as going northward. After this confinement, however, there are five pieces of the flower flaring out in brilliant yellow colors. 

  This flower blooms in the warmest part of the year. More specifically, the blooming period for the Indian Pink is from late spring from May to early June. It is a tropical plant, so it enjoys the heat and warmth.  The Indian Pink is a relative rarity in its genus of plants. Most others in its genus are tropical but are not perennials. They are rather annuals. This makes the Indian Pink a wonderful treat for years. 

The Indian Pink is a fairly easy plant to manage.

It will continue coming back as it is perennial as aforementioned. It also does not mind the heat and will grow in shade. Finally, this plant does have a long period of blooming, being pollinated by hummingbirds. The plant does require moderately moist soil that is drained.

Indian Pink ship bare root only.


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Indian Pink

These plants arrived with planting instructions. My plants turned out fabulous.
Posted by Indian Pink on 13th Mar 2023

Indian pink

Was a prompt delivery. Planted two days later. Will have to wait and see the outcome. Good root base only 1 out of 5 showing live right now. Fingers crossed
Posted by Joel Bryndal on 20th May 2021

Indian Pink

Planted the same day they arrived. Really surprised at the size of the root stock. Large and healthy.
Looking forward to ordering more plants in the fall.
Posted by Walter Knox on 6th May 2021
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