Pink Spirea

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Ships Late November 2022

plant height
At Maturity 4-5'
plant ships
November Through March
plant exposure
Partial Sun
plant zone
4, 5, 6, 7, 8
plant color
Pink, Green
plant category
Shrubs, Flowering


Pink Spirea

Pink Spirea, Spiraea japonica, Offers Easy and Inexpensive Landscaping Solutions

Depending on the species, a pink spirea shrub will either be a compact, round mound approximately 2 feet tall or a 6-foot spray of flower-covered cascading shoots. According to arboretum specialists, the leaves are oval to oblong, sharply serrated along the edges, and varying in color depending on the species. Small flowers, about the circumference of a pencil eraser, grow in dense clusters to cover the shrub or shoot. The blossoms’ shades vary from rosy to deep carmine, their fragrance mild. 

In a landscape, gardeners may use pink spirea as a focal point or as a low edging, particularly along walkways. The shrubs work equally well singularly or in rows. Smaller rounded shrubs add interest and texture to rock gardens or retaining walls. Spaces gathering full sun or light shade are best to adorn with spirea. 

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The plant is beneficial to homeowners because it is easy and inexpensive to maintain yet offers a range of uses. Used as an ornamental, the pink spirea offers curb appeal or used as a screen, provides privacy. The shrub can survive clay soil and erosion, deer, and air pollution so homeowners who may have difficulty finding suitable plants can depend on pink spirea. As a bonus, the blooms attract butterflies. Because the plant is readily available, accessible to grow, and perennial, it is a wise choice for virtually any homeowner. Budget and time constraints are not barriers to adding pink spirea to the landscape.

Beautiful showers of pink blooms make this shrub the desire of the neighborhood. This deciduous shrub is not only pretty to the eye but is excellent for helping prevent and control soil erosion. It grows best in full sun and zones 5-9. The Pink Spirea can reach anywhere between 4-8 feet at maximum height. Every season is a season of interest with this shrub.

Pink Spirea shrub ships bare root without foliage during dormancy.

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