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Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Trees 

The Four Benefits Of Adding Evergreen To Your Yard and Home

 Evergreen trees are beautiful, aren't they? You look at them as you drive by, but have you ever thought about adding one to your home or outdoor landscape? This blog is for those inquiring about whether or not adding an evergreen is truly valuable. 

 The Four Benefits Of Having An Evergreen Tree

 1)  Think of the Barbra Streisand song, "Evergreen." There is something about having a beautiful tree around year-round. Some wonder about the wintertime. Here is an interesting fact for you, evergreens cling to their foliage during that time. Evergreens are resilient. 

There is also the added protection. Some of the evergreen trees grow cones and berries. That is going to attract the bird and other wildlife. It gives you added protection during this time. 

Now, keep in mind, you are only going to find the deer congregate in your yard if you live near a forest or out in the country. Either way, the wildlife will add protection to your garden.

 2) Did you know that evergreens help improve air quality? You cannot deny that the overall air quality has not faired well. In some cases, air pollution is getting worse. The carbon dioxide traps the heat. It does not let it escape. That is bad for the environment. 

Do you remember talking about photosynthesis in science class? Well, if you remember, photosynthesis is what draws the carbon dioxide out. What it boils down to is, trees allow us to breathe fresh air. That way, we do not get sick. 

Adding just one evergreen tree to your property can keep the process going. You will not have to worry about breathing bad air when you walk outside your door. There is also the element of cold air. Cold air prevents toxins from leaving the atmosphere. Just one evergreen can reverse that from happening. Virginia Pine trees are perfect for windbreaks as well.

Evergreens tree work to purify the air. That is especially true in urban areas. 

 3) Evergreens can help provide privacy for some of you. Some of you might value your privacy above anything else(like me). You do not want your neighbors or anyone else(for that matter)to watch everything you do. 

That is not the only thing that can do for you. Some of you might keep the blinds open to let the sunshine in during the cold months. There is always the risk of someone watching what you are doing when that happens.

Evergreens provide a barrier to let the sun in and keep the gawkers out. That way, you can keep the blinds open without worry over something happening.

 4) There is always the question of conserving energy. An evergreen provides safety from extreme sunlight(especially during the hot summer months). That does help the AC units out. You can moderate the temperature more. That means you do not have to keep the AC on full blast. The Southern Magnolia is an evergreen tree that produces beautiful blooms.

There are many benefits to adding an evergreen to your home or landscape(even just one).