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Turk's Cap Lily for sale online Turk's Cap Lily are perennial flowers.

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Turk's Cap Lily

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Turk's Cap Lily 

 Turk's Cap Lily, Lilium superbum, is a great plant to add to a natural area. When these beautiful lilies are in bloom, they will be stunning and brilliant. These great flowers can grow to be around four to 7 feet tall and can spread to be .5 to .75 feet wide when fully developed. These are fast growers and can increase from four to 6 feet each year so they can reach full growth within the first year. These flowers will do fantastic when planted in gardens and natural areas where they will receive full sunlight and also do well in partially shaded areas. They are high because they are very adaptable to different soil conditions and will thrive just about anywhere, they are planted. They will also do their best growing when planted in climate zones three through 9.

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Lilies can also work to use as a bordering plant for a sidewalk or driveway. These will look amazing when they are used to line the area, and they are all in bloom. These perennials will usually bloom and give a spectacular show during the middle of summer. As these flowers, grow and mature they will come back every year. They are also great because they will multiply and can be separated once they stop blooming and can be planted in other gardens and areas.

Turk Cap Lily will produce a brilliant show to a garden or lawn as they provide their beautiful blooms which will appear orange and will have a reddish color spot on them.

These flowers will be magnificent and magical looking when they are in bloom. Orange flowers will be a very easy plant to care for, and these flowers will grow just about anywhere they grow. They will bring lots of life to all areas and gardens.

Turk Cap Lily for sale online at Perennial Nursery

Turk's Cap Lily Ships As - Bulbs


Climate Zone 3-9


Mature Height: 4-7 ft.


Mature Width: .5-.75 ft.


Growth/Year: 4-6 ft.


Sunlight: Full Sun to Partial Shade


Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils


Botanical Name:Lilium Superbum



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turk's cap lily

My plants have great roots. They were packaged nicely. Hope these do well.
Posted by turk's cap lily on 13th Mar 2023
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