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Rue Anemone

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Rue anemone is also known as Thalictrum thalictroides. It is considered part of the buttercup family. This flower is native to Illinois but can be found in most states throughout the United States. They will grow best when planted under or near deciduous trees and they benefit significantly from rotting organic material.

These are a very delicate type of woodland shade perennial that is not aggressive in growing nature. This small flower reaches a height of about nine inches, and the blossoms can be either white or pink. The stems on these shade perennials are a reddish brown color and hairless. The leaves are dark green. Leaves can reach up to an inch and a half in length and grow out on a whorl of trifold basal leaves. Each basal leaf typically has three leaflets. The root system is fibrous, and the upper roots that are situated near the base of the plant are often fleshy or swollen.

Rue anemone bloom in the spring and are easily grown in woodland flower gardens.

They will bloom anytime from March to June and grow best in partial shade conditions. Soil conditions are best if moist with an acidic pH greater than 6.8. The seeds can either be propagated from the plant or can be commercially bought. This is a wildflower that will spread by reseeding itself each year. This early spring flowering plant often attracts honeybees and other insects that are seeking pollen and nectar. Rue Anemone perennials are an excellent addition to any property that is located on a wooded or heavily wooded lot.

They also add beautiful, eye-catching dimension and soft colors for shaded garden areas. They are low maintenance and self-seeding which makes them ideal for novice level gardeners or those who enjoy flowers but do not have time for much garden upkeep.

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Rue Anemone

This is my first time ordering from this company, and I am very pleased with their communication and how quickly the order was filled. The bare root plants arrived in good shape, and they are in the ground. We are looking forward to seeing them grow and bloom!
Posted by LD on 5th Aug 2023

Rue Anemone

These roots look great. I'm excited to get them in the ground.
Posted by Rue Anemone on 13th Mar 2023


I planted bare roots of anemone so they should come up possibly this year but definitely next. I did try to redirect shipping as soon as I made order but it still went to my closed office but I was able to pick it up at USPS. I left message
Posted by Robert Hoffman on 8th Apr 2019
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