Sweetbay Magnolia

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Ships Fall 2022

plant height
At Maturity 10-20'
plant ships
October through April
plant exposure
Partial Shade - Full Sun
plant zone
5, 6, 7, 8, 9
plant color
Green, White
plant category
Trees, Shrubs, Evergreen


Sweetbay Magnolia Tree 

Sweetbay Magnolia, Magnolia virginiana, is a native plant to the Gulf Coast and Eastern regions of the United States. The tree is the most suitable option for gardeners and landscapers who find it challenging to settle on the right type tree for their homes and gardens. Its sweet and fragrance flowers, exotic cones, and fluttering leaves make it demand admiration. Besides, it leaves are known to shine and shimmer when blown with the wind making it even more beautiful. 

  Sweetbay Magnolia tree has evergreen and semi-evergreen type of leaves depending on the region it is grown.

The tree would likely improve your property value if planted at the right place within the garden or compound. Unlike other magnolia tree species, the Sweetbay magnolia tree creates little mess to your well-done garden. This is because its colored fruits usually burst open when ripe to release seeds rather than ropping to the ground. 

 Under the right climatic conditions, this magnolia tree grows almost 2 feet annually, thus considered the fastest-growing magnolia species. In colder regions, the tree is unlikely to exceed 9 meters. However, in warmer areas, the tree can grow to a height of more than 15 meters. Additionally, the tree requires little maintenance since it is resistant to some climatic conditions. Besides, the tree is free from attacks by pests and diseases, hence require little or no spraying. Sweetbay Magnolia provides the perfect nesting sites for birds. Moreover, the sight of birds, including the Songbirds enjoying the sweet berries produced by the tree, make the view of the tree more admirable. 

Caring for Sweetbay Magnolia Tree

 The Magnolia species is mainly planted during spring and fall since it performs well in part and full sun. The tree is tolerable to most soil and can be planted either in sandy, clay or loamy soil. However, you should always ensure that the soil is moist. After planting the tree, ensure that you water the plant three times a week. After a few months, the plant would be already adaptable to any weather condition. Thus, it would have little or no watering. For sufficient growth of the newly planted Sweetbay Magnolia tree, always ensure you mulch it. Mulching ensures that soil around the tree remains moist all the time. In the first two years after planting, periodically apply an all-purpose fertilizer. It is also crucial that you maintain a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. If necessary, acidify the soil around the plant by apply sulfur. Ensure that you shield the tree from lawn debris. In most instances, the lawn debris causes damage to the Sweetbay Magnolia tree. 

Landscape and Gardening Ideas 

Since the tree is relatively large, always plant the tree at the focal point of your garden. For more significant impacts, plant the trees in small groups, as it will add beauty to your garden or home compound. Planting the trees in groups leads to one compact tree that creates a fantastic scene. The tree is easily found at affordable prices and in bulk. Make your home more beautiful by plating the Sweet bay Magnolia tree in your compound.

Sweet bay Magnolia ship bare root only.