Thuidium Delicatulum

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Thuidium Delicatulum - Common Fern Moss

 Common Fern Moss: Thuidium delicatulum - 5 Square Feet

The Thuidium Delicatulum, or Common Fern Moss, is often found in hillsides, wooded areas, near streams, swamps, and even on cliffs and rock formations. It grows all around the United States. It does best in the eastern and northern United States, although it has been known to thrive in other areas. This moss is often used by birds for nesting materials and provides a habitat for various lizards and other small animals as well.

The Common Fern Moss, also known as Delicate Fern Moss, is an evergreen plant with leaves that are either green or yellowish-green in color.

They form a loose mat with dense leaves than can be double-pinnate or triple-pinnate. They resemble a small fern. Unlike a fern leaf, this plant has tiny leaves on a stem. The leaves are so small they look fern-like to the naked eye. The moss produces spore-bearing capsules, which are a dull red or light green color. After the capsule turns red, the lid falls off, releasing spores into the wind.

This plant likes medium shade or partial sun. It wants to be in moist to wet areas and grows best in acidic soil or humus. It needs protection from winds. Like many types of moss, the Delicate Fern Moss also likes to thrive on rotting logs and wooded ravines. These areas provide beautiful, moist, shaded regions the plant thrives.

Thuidium Delicatulum would be an excellent ground cover.

It is easy to grow and requires little maintenance once it is established. It develops and spreads quickly. Since it is evergreen, it will provide beautiful coloring year-round. If it dries out, one merely must wet it down, and it will perk back up again. 

Thuidium Delicatulum ships year-round.


I planted everything and I think it will spread and fill in but it wasn't a large piece it was multiple pieces! Hoping it still works out cuz I'm excited about this moss! Nikki Anderson
some of the best and healthiest I have ever bought. All this moss from this company is beautiful CS