Tulip Poplar

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plant height
At Maturity 70-90'
plant ships
November Through March
plant exposure
Partial - Full Sun
plant zone
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
plant color
Yellow, White, Green
plant category
Trees, Flowering


Tulip Poplar - Liriodendron tulipifera

 The tulip poplar tree can be a great addition to your lawn or garden. Here are some tips for growing one of your own: This tree can grow very fast, which is great if you don't want to wait years to have the shade over your house or garden. The tulip tree is named for its lovely, colorful flowers that resemble tulips. The flowers first appear in April in the South, but in the Northern U.S., they arrive closer to June.

These trees don't handle drought well. If you plant one in a drought-prone area, make sure it's in deep, soft soil so it can grow roots down to the water line. Also, you may need to give it lots of supplemental watering during the dry season. The flowers attract lots of nectar-hungry insects when they bloom. It can be great if you have a garden in need of pollination because you'll have a great attractor of bees and butterflies in the form of your poplar tree.

Tulip Poplar Trees For Sale Online

Trees like this don't have to be pruned, which makes life easier for owners. When your tree is young, put mulch around the base of the trunk to prevent water loss from the soil. If your tree loses its leaves earlier than the usual one season, drought is probably the culprit. Make sure to water your tree as soon as you notice wilting. Liriodendron tulipifera, better known as the Tulip Poplar Tree, is a fast growing shade tree. This tree has green leaves and yellow buds in the Spring. The leaves will turn to a bright yellow in the Fall. This tree can grow up to 70 feet tall in the right conditions. The Tulip Poplar grows best in full sunlight. The fragrance produced by this tree attracts hummingbirds and other small wildlife. Zone 4 to 9

Tulip Poplar tree is shipped bare root without foliage during dormancy.

tulip poplar


These Tulip trees are healthy and have great roots. I know they will begin to bloom soon. Jackie

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