White Baneberry

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White Baneberry - Actaea pachypoda

White Baneberry is a herbaceous plant that does belong to the buttercup family and can be used as medicinal plants. It comes from the eastern part of North America. The herbaceous plant can be found in mixed forests and very dense thickets. It grows in very fertile, moist and acidic soil, with partial shade. However, because of these specific requirements, the plant is listed as an endangered plant in Florida and New York.

People plant the this perennial as a way to have decorative flowers and berries because the berries can stay on the plant for an extended amount of time. Its blooms flowers in April all the way through June, and have a rose fragrance which attracts small insects.

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Fruit of the plant is a white berry that grows on a very thick, red stalks. The fruit ripens in the summer through autumn, and the fruit can remain on the stem throughout the winter. Baneberry is also known as the doll's eyes because the berries are white with a very dark black spot that makes it look like the white eyes of a doll.

The Native Americans used medicinal plants to treat many different types of diseases and viruses. It is no different for the Baneberry. It is used to treat menstrual cramps and any of the symptoms of menopause. It is also used to alleviate a cough, common cold, and rheumatism. By using the leaves of it, it is possible to jump-start the secretion of breast milk in women. The medicinally active ingredients are not natural for it to be used for treating, as it needs to become a solution with water.

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Fall is the most recommended time to plant. They can be planted in the Spring as well but it will take a little longer for the plant to get established. White baneberry ship bare root year round.


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