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White Violet

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White Violet

White Violets are excellent plants for the natural area. They do require a little bit more care than other perennials, and the conditions need to be good for them to thrive and grow into beautiful flowering plants. White Violets can grow to be around one to 2 feet tall, and these plants will spread to cover approximately 10 to 12 inches. They will produce less than 1 foot each year. This perennial will do great in climate zones three to nine and loves full sunlight and will also grow in partial sunshine. White Violets love moist soil conditions, and they will need soils that are well drained.

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These Violets will give a gardener or homeowner with gorgeous blooms. They will be white and will have a little touch of purple in the centers. These beautiful blooms will bring lots of butterflies into a garden or another area because of the flowers. White Violets will usually bloom from mid-spring months into the early part of the summer, and the blooms that it produces will last around a month or maybe a little bit longer. White Violets will look amazing when added to a natural area and can also be used to create a lovely border. Once the plant blooms, it will still give a beautiful deep green color. This flower is seen growing a lot in Canada and the Northeastern part of the United States.

The leaves of the White Violet will have looked a lot like a heart when grown.

White Violets will stand out among the rests of the plants because they will be beautiful and will add many colors to the garden. They will be amazing and will be an attention getter in any garden or natural area.


Plant at time of shipment - Bulb

Climate Zone:  3 to 9

Mature Height: 1-2 ft.

Mature Width:  10-12 inches

Growth/Year: Less than 1 ft.

Sunlight: Sun & Shade    

Soil Conditions: Moist, well-drained

Botanical Name: Viola Canadensis


1. Do White violets come back every year?

A: Yes, white violets, like other perennial violets come back every year.

2. Do White violets spread?

A: Yes, white violets, like many other violet species, have the capacity to spread and naturalize gradually.


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soloman seal

Roots arrived in excellent condition even included planting instructions Hope they do well.
Posted by soloman seal on 13th Mar 2023
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