24th Feb 2020

White Violets add a unique touch

White Violets are a variety of violet that belongs to the family Violaceae. It is an entire genus of plants that will flower during the spring months of the year. In this genus alone, there are anywhere from four hundred to five hundred different species. This flower will grow in areas with moist soil conditions and will grow better in areas of partial shade. It can add lots of colors to any garden or landscape area. This plant will produce heart-shaped leaves, and the flowers will be asymmetrical. To narrow down which species is which, look at the shapes of the petals. There are various colors of this beautiful little plant such as blue, white, pink, yellow, and some varieties are even two different colors on the same flower. This family of the plant has been around for quite some time. We know that it was used in Greek culture for such things as wine, as a sweetener or as a household medicinal treatment for many different ailments. The violet, in Greek culture, was considered a symbol for love and fertility. It was used for such things as headaches, dizzy spells, and even a laxative. Many gardeners have these planted in their gardens and landscape areas and are unaware of it. You see, many species of violets are known as Pansies, which are a trendy plant among gardeners. The most common variety of violet in the United States is the Blue Violet, but both white and blue violets can be found from Maine growing down to the Florida panhandle.

This flower is the state flower of Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. You can tell a true violet by looking at its petals. A violet has three petals point up, and two petals are pointing down. Many violets grow very low to the ground, but the Canadian White Violet is one of the taller species and can get up to fourteen inches tall in certain areas, though most will be around four to six inches in height. There are many varieties of White Violets. Some of these grow close to the ground, and others are taller. Some have reddish color leaves, and others are a solid green color. Some varieties of White Violets even have beards! Some of their leaves even appear to have hair or soft velvety texture. The white violet also has meaning. It is said that the white violet means "modesty."