Partridge Berry

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Green, White, Red
Year Round
All Year
Partial Shade
Ground Covers, Perennials, Natives
Green, White, Red
Year Round
All Year
Partial Shade
Ground Covers, Perennials, Natives

Partridge Berry 

Common names for this are deerberry, one berry, squaw vine and winter clover. It is an evergreen vine that will usually grow to a length of one foot. Has a white color trailing stem and is an excellent hugger? It is also known as a herb that takes the shape of mats. Fruits on this plant are undersized and have scarlet color berries. The lovely plant will add a little something to your flower garden or in some natural areas.

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Partridge berry used in rock gardens. It is also used for decorating and looks great as a groundcover under shrubs and bushes. It can grow wonderfully in acidic soils. The fruits on this have a low-fat content, and it makes them resilient to any decay. They have an aptitude to remain undamaged on it branches till the late winter. It makes excellent food for wildlife animals, especially during the cold months.

The vine known for its ability to grow in many different climates, ability to adapt and its versatility. The vine has small green leaves with a bright red berry that has many uses. It has been grown and around for many years. Women in other country use this berry to help with pregnancy.

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To plant a partridgeberry vine, first, you need a well-draining sandy soil rich in humus and not acidic nor contains alkalines. Most natural soil is perfect for growing these beautiful ground cover plants. Plant it in an area where the sun shines in the morning, but there is shade in the afternoon. Once the plant is established, you will only need to keep garden debris from covering mats.

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 Climate Zone: 3 to 9

 Mature Height: up to 3 feet

 Mature Width: up to a foot

 Sunlight: full to partial shade

 Soil Conditions: acidic soils

 Botanical Name: Mitchella repens


1. Do Partridgeberry plants spread?

A: The Partridgeberry plants tend to spread slowly by producing above-ground runners known as stolons.

2. What is another name for Partridgeberry?

A: Another name for partridgeberry (Mitchella repens) is "squaw vine."