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Asarum Wild Ginger

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Asarum Wild Ginger 

 Asarum Wild Ginger is a great plant to consider when thinking about a lovely ground cover. This plant will look beautiful as it grows and will supply brilliant green color in its leaves that will look lovely and make all gardens or natural areas come to life. It can grow to be around 12 inches tall. This vine does high in the regions that are in climate zone four to eight and will become very well in soils that are moist and mostly acidic. This vine will love fully shaded areas but can also do good in partially shaded gardens. This plant will usually bloom during April through May each year and is a perennial. This perennial is a lovely plant because it will be unique when blooming. The flowers will appear to be growing through the leaves instead of on top of the plant. The flowers from this plant will last up to around three weeks when in bloom. It will be lovely when growing and will have brightly colored leaves that will resemble hearts when they are fully developed.

Wild Ginger is excellent if a homeowner or gardener needs a beautiful and beautiful ground cover.

This vine will spread to cover an area that is around 2 feet wide. They will also grow approximately five inches each year. It is an easy grower once it gets started well in a natural area or an area that nothing will improve. This plant has also been known to grow in areas where the soils are dry occasionally. It will produce leaves that will grow to be around three inches long and can also be up to four inches wide and will be a gorgeous green in color.

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Asarum Wild Ginger ships bare root

Climate Zone: 4 to 8

Mature Height: 6 to 12 in. ft.

Blooming Season: April through May.

Sunlight: Prefers Full to Partial Shade.

Soil Conditions: Prefers Moist, Acidic Soil.

Botanical Name:  asarum canadense


1. Is Asarum Wild Ginger aggressive?

A. Asarum Wild Ginger is not typically considered aggressive in the same way some invasive species are, it can be vigorous and spread to form dense colonies under the right conditions.

2. Where is the best place to plant Asarum Wild Ginger?

A. Asarum Wild Ginger looks amazing in a shade border or woodland garden.



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asarum wild ginger

My plants were packaged very well when they arrived. The roots look great.
Posted by asarum wild ginger on 13th Mar 2023
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