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Wild Ginger

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Wild Ginger 

Wild ginger grows easy and grows mostly in the eastern part of the United States. The leaves have a heart shape and look glossy, and they are a deep green color. It also a dense colony that looks like a leaf mat. Flowers are at the base of this plant and are ball-shaped with three tips growing off of it. Wild Ginger grows rather quickly and also has bright shiny and again glossy green leaves. For it to grow in full shade and likes some sun.

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 The leaves will branch off and will grow about three inches long and four inches wide. It loves rich and loamy soil with some shade. The Ginger plant has much health uses as tea, herbal medicines, or you can use it to cook. Flowers on it should be a brownish-purplish color and again needs shade, and the soil needs to be very well drained. Ginger is a staple item in most kitchens and often used because of all the uses that it can have. Ginger can help cure stomach aches, headaches and lower cholesterol to name a few. Many doctors these days are prescribing ginger to help their patients with medical problems.

Wild ginger is reasonably easy to grow. It does best in full to partial shade as it can quickly burn in the full sun. This plant will also need an acidic, moist yet well-drained soil for it to thrive. Wild ginger can be propagated by seed, but this root plant will take two whole years to germinate so reproducing it by cutting the rhizome is usually preferred. 

Also, moist areas like those preferred by the wild ginger may also attract snails and slugs which can damage the plant’s foliage, so it’s important to be vigilant for these pests!

Wild Ginger is a hearty plant that loves shade and needs to be watered regularly. If you are looking to use this perennial as groundcover, you can choose to start from seeds or you can plant the roots. Wild Ginger only takes 2-3 years to create solid groundcover if you space the roots a foot apart.

Wild Ginger ship bare root.


Climate Zone: 3 to 9


Mature Height: 6 to 10 inches


Sunlight: partial shade to full sun


Soil Conditions: acidic soil


Botanical Name: Asarum Canadence




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Wild Ginger

These roots look great. I was surprised that planting instructions were included.
Posted by Wild Ginger on 13th Mar 2023

Wild ginger, bloodroot, Jack in pulpit

The roots arrive in great shape and quickly. Can't wait for them to come up.
Posted by Donna Harriman on 12th Apr 2019
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