Perennials are plants which live for over two years. The term also encompasses plants with little to no woody growth, which means these plants often do not grow on trees or shrubs. Perennial flowers usually grow during spring and summer then die out through the winter. From their root stock, they will flourish again the following spring. When treated by a gardener as an annual plant, however, they may be planted annually from seeds, cutting or through division. Tomatoes are one such plant that is grown annually in temperate regions since it will not live through winter.

Perennial flowers are often used for decor, although many common vegetables and herbs fall under the category. Homeowners make use of flowers as showy foliage for porches, sidewalks, and so on. Gardeners will plant them in order to avoid redesigning entire gardens every year. They grow in the same spots year after year. This saves gardeners the trouble of planting annual flowers. 

Choosing which plants to grow depends heavily upon the individual plant's designated location within a garden, however, flowers grow into a variety of types, colors, shapes, and fragrances. We are a  specialty garden center and nursery and offer a broad list of perennials. Notice the mature specimen on each variety, as they are sold in wholesale quantities of 100 or more.