Great White Trillium

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Great White Trillium Bulbs- Trillium grandiflorum

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Plant at time of shipment - Bulb

Climate Zone: 3 to 7

Mature Height: 12 to 24 in.

Blooming Season: April through June.

Sunlight: Prefers Full to Partial Shade.

Soil Conditions: Prefers Moist, Well-Drained Soil.

Botanical Name:  Trillium grandiflorum

Great White Trilliums may have the name high white, but once the flower blooms and the plant is used for pollination the flower will start turning pink. The flower is so beautiful that it can also be called the birth root or three flower because of its three petals. It has three bracts or as a common person calls them leaves. The leaves are nutritious for deer and birds. Homeowners can plant this flower along gardens so that deer will eat this and then they will leave the other plants alone. This flower has six petals and three leaves.

The great white trillium is a meal for some animals, they thrive on it as a food source. This plant has a slight fragrance that brings butterflies to the area. It can grow well in climate zones three to 9. It prefers moist soil and part shade.