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Yellow Trillium

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Yellow Trillium 

     Yellow Trillium is a hardy perennial that can quickly be singled out from other plants. The bright yellow flowers are an eye-catching site. The plants when mature has a single stalk which stands tall and upright. At the top of the stem stands a flower with three broad, sessile leaves which are dark green with a hint of purple. A bright yellow flower will rest on top. Each flower has petals which curve. The flower has a center that is home to six stamens. The only downfall to this perennial is that several years will pass before it starts blooming. Once this plant begins to thrive, it can live more than twenty years.

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The Yellow Trillium only grows to around twenty-four inches tall. It can adapt to both shade and sun. It will bloom from early spring to summer. This perennial can be planted virtually anywhere because it will change to its surroundings. This perennial is often found growing around water.

Yellow Trillium grows best in USDA hardiness zones 4-9. The easiest method to grow Yellow Trillium is by planting its bulbs, also known as rhizomes.Do some research and find a trillium variety that grows well in your hardiness zone then purchase the appropriate bulbs. Plant each rhizome section 2-3 inches below the soil. The plant will send out shoots and multiply. Mark where you have planted your Trillium so you can watch for it in the spring. Trillium enjoys moist, shaded areas. They are resilient plants once they have been around for a while. Take care to water, especially during the first growing season, as you want leaves to remain until autumn when the division of rhizomes can happen again.

Climate Zone: 3 to 7

Mature Height: 12 to 24 in.

Blooming Season: April through June.

Sunlight: Prefers Full to Partial Shade.

Soil Conditions: Prefers Moist, Well-Drained Soil.

 Botanical Name:  Trillium luteum

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Yellow Trillium

These plants are beautiful They have a gorgeous yellow color.
Posted by Yellolw Trillium on 13th Mar 2023
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