Trillium Sessile

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Purple, Red, Green
Year Round
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Partial-Full Shade
Perennials, Natives
Purple, Red, Green
Year Round
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Partial-Full Shade
Perennials, Natives

Trillium sessile 

Trillium Sessile is the botanical name for the Red Toad Trillium. It is a plant that looks amazing in a natural area or flower garden. The Trillium Sessile will grow high in climate zones three through nine and will also do good in full shady areas and gardens. This plant will also grow to be up to 1 foot tall and can spread and become 1 foot wide when fully developed. The perennial is high because this plant will live and adapt to all different kinds of soil conditions. It will look amazing when this plant is in bloom.


For many gardeners, Trillium Sessile is one of those plants that are extremely easy to grow. Likewise, it is one of the very admired, thanks to the attractive flower that it comes in, and for being one of those perennial flowers that can survive in almost any garden environment. If you are contemplating to combine some color to your garden or want to add some variety, then a Trillium Sessile could be just what you need.
The Trillium Sessile has four leaves on each side with a central "head" that is the widest. The leaves are white and have black tips and tendrils, which give off a strong scent when you get close to them.
Although this plant in your garden may not grow remarkably high, it is certainly a plant that can be planted anywhere. When first bought, it was imported to the UK from the Mediterranean region but has become more common.


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This flower will add lots of colors and life to a garden or natural area when they are in bloom and will also add lots of bright green color to the area. It will grow back each year and when this plant blooms the flower will last for up to three weeks. These plants will make a great addition to all gardens and any natural areas where they are planted. It has natural care and to maintain and to get them to grow and become healthy flowering plants.


The flowers of the Trillium Sessile bloom in the spring. This plant can be planted in almost any area that you would like, although it should be planted against a backdrop of greenery. Yet, if you live in a dry zone, you will need to water it on a more frequent basis during the winter months.
If you are growing this plant for you or your family, you will need to be careful about overwatering it. The Trillium Sessile likes to have enough water but will grow in any soil given The best time to water your plant in the morning.
Once it has become established, it will continue to grow in your garden, supplying a beautiful focal point for the room. As the plant blooms, you can add flowering perennials, such as the Trillium Orchids, or other plants, such as Hydrangea, to bring in more color and life landscape.
The Trillium Sessile is a perennial plant that needs about one inch of space between each bloom, usually in the middle of the plant. The main stem of the plant should never reach these heights. A little from the flower spikes base, you should place another plant to prevent the plant from becoming overcrowded. This plant will be used for the flowers only.
This plant is not aggressive, and it is not a fast-growing plant, which means that you can leave it for several years before you need to prune it.
The Trillium Sessile is a lovely plant, and you can find it in many unusual places in your garden. If you are ordering one for your house, it may be worth visiting your local nursery and inquiring about where to buy a plant. Many nurseries have a wide choice and will know which plants are suited for your area.


Trillium Sessile Ships As - Bulb

 Climate Zone - 3-9

 Mature Height: .5-1 ft.

 Mature Width: .5-1 ft.

 Growth/Year: .5-1 ft.

 Sunlight: Partial to Full Shade

 Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils

 Botanical Name: Sessile


1. Do Trillium sessile spread?

A: Trillium sessile, commonly known as toadshade or sessile-flowered wake-robin, does spread slowly.

2. Where to buy Trillium sessile?

A:  Perennial Nursery Co has Trillium sessile for sale online.

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    Sessile Trillium

    Posted by Peter on 28th May 2024

    Ordered in 2021 and 3 of 5 survived. None have bloomed yet. These might not be suited for zone 4.

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    trillium sessile

    Posted by trillium sessile on 13th Mar 2023

    My plants arrived in excellent condition Hope they do well.

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    Posted by Sandra M Arseth on 26th Nov 2021

    The bulbs came neatly packed in labeled plastic bags with other plants i ordered. Just planted them as they were very healthy strong looking bulbs. Hopefully in spring i can say they all came up. I will order again as the prices, rapid shipping and quality are important to me.