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Prairie Trillium

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Prairie Trillium 

The prairie trillium is a type of trillium in that the flower appears to come directly from the bracts, or leaves. The leaves are large and provide more beauty to the plant as well. This is a spring flower. Many will find that this plant will blossom from late March to early May.  

The prairie trillium is found in the coastal plains of the eastern United States naturally.

The geography of this plant extends from the northernmost parts to the south and even will extend into some locations in the midwest. There are two natural habitats that the prairie trillium will be found. The first is in mesic forests in rich soil. The second area is in clay soil in floodplains. 

The most essential soil type for growing the prairie trillium is in rich clay. The soil should be slightly damp and there should be light shading. The flower does grow to one foot in height. The plant is a perennial and can be expanded through separating bulbs as years go by. The best time to plant the bulbs is in early spring or late fall. The leaf mulch will assist the plant in growing as well.

The prairie trillium or trillium recurvatum is a member of the lily family of plants and flowers.

The stem is an extension of the rhizome and has tiny leaves that do not require pruning or excessive care. All that is seen in this plant is the flowering part, with even the leaves being an extension of the flower. The Prairie trillium is a bulb at time of shipment.

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Prairie Trillium ship bare root only.


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Prairie trillium

These plants had great roots. My plants are beautiful.
Posted by Prairie trillium on 13th Mar 2023
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