Wake Robin Trillium

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Purple, Red
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Year Round
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4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
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Partial Sun and Shade
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 If you are looking for a landscape solution for that shady spot in your yard, Wake Robin Trillium may be just the plant to add color and variety. Taking its common name from the first appearance of robins in the spring, this trillium variety, also known as Trillium Erectum or Red Trillium, is easy to grow and tolerates a range of soil types.

The Wake Robin thrives in full to partial shade and moist conditions. Once established, it is a very low maintenance ornamental that propagates and spreads through rhizomes or underground stems that put out new roots and shoots. This increases their density, adding more color and texture to your garden. A little time dividing the plants and rhizomes in the fall will spread the effect throughout your garden.

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Like all trilliums, Wake Robin foliage and flowers appear in threes. Tri-petal, deep red blooms appear in spring at the end of the stem above a spread of three leaves. In some varieties, the flowers may also appear purple with petals that can spread up to four inches across. They provide an eye-catching focal point in any garden, especially in those darker shaded areas.

Highly climate adaptable, Trillium Erectum is a hardy perennial that can tolerate planting zones 4 through 9, from Maine to the deep south and westward where planting and growing zones are similar. Trilliums do not transplant well from wild cuttings and propagate slowly from seed, taking take several years to bloom. Plants that are nursery grown are the best way to add them to your landscaping and will flower in the first year, reaching an average height of 16 to 18 inches and width of 12 inches.

Add some color and focus in those hard to grow areas.

Colorful Wake Robin Trillium will enhance and expand your landscaping options.

Wake Robin Trillium ship bare root only.


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