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Sweet Betsy Trillium

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Sweet Betsy Trillium 

The Sweet Betsy Trillium, otherwise known as the Little Sweet Betsy, Toadshade or trillium cuneatum, is a plant belonging to the lily family. The plant, like other trilliums, has no true leaves but rather tiny leave like bracts. The bracts are an extension of the flower. This allows for easy maintenance and care of the leaves and stem. 

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The Sweet Betsy Trillium is a sessile trillium, meaning there is no pedicel for the flower and the flower seems to rise directly from the bracts. This plant does blossom in the early spring from early March to the middle of April. This plant is found in rich and upland wooded areas, especially in limestone soil. Though rare, the plant is also found in ditches or other ruined areas. The plant is primarily found in the states of Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The plant has begun to migrate north to states such as Michigan, however.

Kentucky and Tennessee are the two states in which the Sweet Betsy Trillium is most commonly found due to the Ordovician limestone soil.

It is the most abundant and largest plant of its type on the east coast of the United States. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish from other species of plants, however, due to its features when looking for the plant in the wild. 

The plant is naturally occurring wildflower that is a perennial, meaning you will be able to enjoy its beauty year after year. There are three main leaves, or bracts, that a small burgundy flower blooms out of. The leaves are beautiful as well with colors such as silver and varying shades of green. The plant can grow to twelve to eighteen inches tall. It also does well in natural sunlight with moderate shade but can do well with full shade as well. Sweet Betsy Trillium is a bulb at the time of shipment and ready to plant.

Sweet Betsy Trillium for sale online at Perennial Nursery.

Sweet Betsy Trillium ship bare root only.


1. When should Sweet Betsy Trillium be planted?

A. Sweet Betsy Trilliums are perennial plants that typically grow from rhizomes or tubers. The best time to plant trilliums is in the fall, ideally from late summer to early fall. This allows the plants to establish their roots before winter and gives them a head start in the following spring.


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sweet betsy trillium

My plants have an awesome color; they had great roots.
Posted by sweet betsy trillium on 13th Mar 2023
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