Red Trillium - Trillium Erectum

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Red trillium-Trillium erectum

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Climate Zone: 3 to 7

Mature Height:12 to 24 inches

Mature Width: Sunlight: full to partial shade

Soil Condition: moist to well drained

Botanical Name: Trillium erectum


Red Trillium is the prettiest flower ever when in bloom. Can grow at least you to 12 to four inches tall and blooms best in April to June. It prefers to have full to partial shade and loves moist to well drained soils. Brings much beauty and color to your flower beds or natural areas. The Red Trillium has a distasteful smell, but it does makeup for that because of how pretty it is, and it also is pollinated by flies. Red Trillium has three of it  is leaves that are bent backwards and a wonderful plant for naturalizing. When it blooms it gives off a great red to dark burgundy color. Leaves are a bright green and both the leaves and petals have a triangular shape that has the widest part close to the middle of the flowers.

Red Trillium has many different names, some are Stinking Benjamin, Wake Robin, Purple Trillium, and Beth Root.